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About AiGlobal

AiGlobal has harnessed artificial intelligence-driven trading to deliver an efficient, precise, dependable trading system, enhancing performance and risk mitigation. This system swiftly computes buying and selling prices for leading cryptocurrencies across exchanges within seconds. AiGlobal promptly executes buy orders at lower prices and facilitates selling at higher rates across various exchanges.

  •  Automated Trading: AI trading systems can execute trading strategies automatically, without human intervention.
  •  Emotionless Trading: Due to the absence of emotional influence, AI reduces losses caused by human errors.
  •  Swift Decision-Making: AI can analyze market data at lightning speed, making real-time decisions and allowing you to seize rapidly changing market opportunities.
  •  Diverse Strategies: AI can implement various trading strategies, including trend tracking, arbitrage, and quantitative analysis, increasing trading profitability.

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Everything You Need To Fast Track Your Investment

7*24h Customer Support

AiGlobal offers 24/7 exceptional customer support to ensure client satisfaction and platform usability.

No Need for Specialized Knowledge

AiGlobal simplifies crypto quantitative trading, allowing clients to benefit without the need for specialized knowledge in complex trading parameters or technical analysis.

Multiple Package Choices

AiGlobal offers diverse investment packages tailored to clients' risk preferences and goals, allowing them to select packages that match their needs and preferences.

Steady Returns

AiGlobal prioritizes fixed returns and stable investment, appealing to those seeking secure opportunities unaffected by market volatility.

Automated Trading

AiGlobal provides automated trading for client convenience, reducing the need for manual intervention, emotions, and errors.

Risk Management

AiGlobal offers robust risk management tools, including stop-loss and risk controls, to protect clients' capital while minimizing potential losses.

Our Latest Transaction

Transaction history

User Date Amount Details
********ra05 21/07/2024 04:58:13 $6,185.00 Deposited via USDC [Network: Ethereum]
********rki1 21/07/2024 04:55:01 $14,604.00 Deposited via USDC [Network: Ethereum]
********2003 21/07/2024 04:52:21 $1,008.00 Deposited via USDT-TRC20 [Network: Tron]
********ogde 21/07/2024 04:49:47 $7,350.00 Deposited via BTC [Network: Bitcoin]
********rt75 21/07/2024 04:45:50 $2,814.00 Deposited via USDT-ERC20 [Network: Ethereum]
********es93 21/07/2024 04:45:32 $2,379.00 Deposited via USDC [Network: Ethereum]
********ste9 21/07/2024 04:42:35 $2,138.00 Deposited via USDT-TRC20 [Network: Tron]
********shh6 21/07/2024 04:38:43 $3,072.00 Deposited via ETH [Network: Ethereum]
Name Date Amount Details
********z957 21/07/2024 04:58:24 $3,231.00 Withdrawn via USDC [Network: Ethereum]
********ky08 21/07/2024 04:54:55 $12,332.00 Withdrawn via USDT-TRC20 [Network: Tron]
********chox 21/07/2024 04:54:27 $5,298.00 Withdrawn via LTC [Network: Litecoin]
********pl69 21/07/2024 04:48:42 $15,146.00 Withdrawn via LTC [Network: Litecoin]
********ll21 21/07/2024 04:45:49 $10,317.00 Withdrawn via ETH [Network: Ethereum]
********e000 21/07/2024 04:41:35 $13,971.00 Withdrawn via BTC [Network: Bitcoin]
********0118 21/07/2024 04:33:46 $7,354.00 Withdrawn via LTC [Network: Litecoin]
********kyan 21/07/2024 04:30:43 $18,139.00 Withdrawn via USDT-ERC20 [Network: Ethereum]

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Frequently Asked Questions

Through the programming of a large number of mathematics and financial models, we have built an artificial intelligence model for quantitative trading, allowing users to make profits by quickly buying Bitcoin from exchange A at a low price and selling it at a higher price on exchange B. . It is almost impossible for humans to complete this task in one second, resulting in a small number of people quickly accumulating wealth in the cryptocurrency market. Artificial intelligence defi quantitative trading is about to usher in the fourth industrial revolution.

AiGlobal Can Buy Bitcoin At A Low Price From Exchange A And Sell It At A High Price From Exchange B Within 1 Second, Making A Profit From It.

For Example: (BTC/USDT) Is Bought When The Price On HUOBI Exchange Is 30743.32USDT, And Sold At The Same Time On Coinbase Exchange When The Price Is 30761.32USDT. In This Way, You Can Earn 18USDT In One Transaction. Note: Almost In 1 Second Buying At The Lowest Price And Selling At The Highest Price At The Same Time Is Impossible For Humans To Accomplish In Such A Short Period Of Time.

Our AI-driven quantitative trading system will automatically start working for you after a successful purchase. It employs a unique computational methodology to autonomously search across various cryptocurrency exchanges for tokens at the lowest possible prices and resell them online at higher prices. According to the contract, a fixed profit is provided to you. We retain any excess profits.

Yes, users can make money without investing in AiGlobal. When new users create an account, we give them $7, allowing them to start investing with this initial capital. You can participate in recommendation activities, register as a platform user, copy the invitation link and promote through various social platforms and media such as the Internet. For every investment made by a user you refer, you will receive a referral bonus of up to 1-5%.

1. Please log in first

2. Please click on the dashboard. In the middle of the dashboard is your account balance.

All AiGlobal transactions are conducted via cryptocurrency. We only provide cryptocurrency gateways.

AiGlobal provides multiple trading options, including BTC, USDT-TRC20, USDT-ERC20, ETH, and TRX. Minimum deposit amount 50USDT.The withdrawal methods currently supported by the platform include TRX, USDT-TRC20, USDT-ERC20,Minimum withdrawal amount 10USDT

We promise not to charge gas fees when users use AiGlobal's services. We prioritize your convenience and financial well-being. We are dedicated to ensuring you can fully enjoy our services without the burden of gas fees, allowing you to make the most of your cryptocurrency transactions. Your satisfaction and profitability are the core of our commitment to a seamless and cost-effective user experience.

The VIP function is only used for mutual transfers between users and has nothing to do with investment income. When users need to transfer money to other users, they can activate VIP to achieve trade-key-free mutual transfers. If the user does not need to transfer money, there is no need to activate the VIP service.

To activate VIP, users need to pay the corresponding deposit according to the required VIP level. After the VIP2 and above services expire or you actively apply to cancel the service, the deposit will be returned to your account. VIP1 is a basic service and is non-refundable. All you pay is a deposit. We don't charge

When you forget your trade key or login password, you can retrieve or change the password through the bound email address

If your email address is unavailable, we are sorry. Your email address is unique on the platform and we do not provide modification services. Please keep your email address safe.